Influencer Marketing on Social Media in 2020


People want to be heard, to be seen, to be known, and to be influential. Influencers on social media in 2020 provide this feeling for the people by making them famous in their niche. The word “influence” means to sway someone’s decision by persuading them to make a particular choice. 

The influencer marketing campaign is a new method to reach people with a purpose. The influencers promote the products by using their unique style and personality. Brands can use influencer marketing to achieve their business goals. There is a possibility that the influencer has a large following on social media.Besides, you can also use services from YOUTUBESTORM to grow your brand in Youtube. A influencer can make the brand known to millions of people in a short period of time. Let’s learn more about influencer marketing on sicial media. 

So you want to be a social media influencer, huh? You want to build a huge following online, right?

Many nay-sayers might tell you…THAT particular ship has long-since left the harbor. But they’d be wrong. The influencer landscape is changing, that’s inarguable. The Wild West days are over. And that’s a good thing. You just have to tailor your strategy to the new battlefield.

What you need to know…

The Rise Of The Nano-Influencer

If you’re literally just getting started, then you’re in luck. As notes, 2020 is the year of the nano-influencer (1k-10k followers) and micro-influencer (10k-50k followers).

Gone are the days where mega-goliath 1 million + follower accounts hold all the clout. People want a real connection with the people they see as influential online. And to have that real connection, it needs to be like…looking in the mirror. Reality is king.

Fake bots. Fake Followers. DEAD!

Like we mentioned before, the Wild West of social media influencing has now gone. The social media platforms are clamping down on those that have abused the rules to get ahead.

It used to be a minefield. Inspecting potential influencer accounts for social media shoutouts and exposure needed the eye of Sherlock Holmes himself. Every self-styled ‘’influencer’’ in niches like fashion and beauty seemed to have a gazillion fake followers and likes. They’d be part of engagement pods…all commenting on each other’s posts and fake pumping the metrics to make things look more impressive. Also see; how to spot fake followers.

The amount of work going into creating a fake account…almost wasn’t worth it. Thankfully, moving into 2020, you don’t need to compete with these fakesters. They’re slowly being put out of action. Build your account the right way. Organically. And you’ll be rewarded.

Brand Events. Do What You Do…Influence

Fake engagement pods might be on-the-ropes but, thankfully, they’re being replaced by a more REAL way of joining forces and creating influence and building brand power. That way is…real-life influencer events.

If you’re growing a new brand online, one of the quickest and newest ways to gain fast traction and exposure across the social media platforms is to leverage the power-player influencers already in your niche.

Example being…imagine you’re starting a new cool sunglasses brand. An influencers event for such a brand could involve renting out a villa on some glorious Mediterranean island and filling it with influencers relevant to the brand – who each have millions of followers. The natural content created from such an event = a win for you and your new brand!

Brands & Influencers – Long-Term Partnerships. Authenticity

As notes, both influencers and brands are starting to understand the importance of building long-term partnerships with each other. Today’s modern audience demands authenticity.

Creating relevant, passive, authentic content is the way forward. Focus on your key fans and speak to them intimately, rather than trying to be vanilla ice cream and appeal to the masses.

Video Is King (Still)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last couple of years, you’ll know that video has been ruling the roost in marketing circles for quite some time. In 2020, however, things are really going to step up a notch or three. quotes Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR “In 2020, the biggest trend that smart brands and businesses should focus on for greater success is the emergence of YouTube as the leading social media platform.”

The meteoric rise of a platform like TikTok (more on that later) is evidence of the fact that video is only increasing in popularity as Generation Z moves into the buyer market. Attention spans are dropping. The social media user of 2020 demands faster dopamine hits from their social scrolling. Sticking to short-form video formats like Instagram Stories and Snapchat would thus be a smart move!

A Billion-Dollar Industry

As noted by, influencer marketing is likely to become a $5 billion – $10 billion industry as we move through 2020. Brands now expect to use influencer exposure as part of their marketing strategy. The rising cost of the ad platforms, mean that many of the big brands are seeing the use of influencers as an extremely valuable component of their marketing strategy.

Again, this falls back to the idea of relationship building between the brand and the influencer. This, in turn, results in a long-term nurturing process with the customer/follower.

Being an influencer in 2020 and beyond is about building alliances with one of two key brands and creating your content and social media personality around these brands. Or, on the flip-side, looking for brands to collaborate with that fit your personality and following.

Influencer platforms

The influencers of the Wild West days hate the emergence of influencer platforms. But for you…the new and authentic influencer (or brand), these platforms should be welcomed.

As a brand, you can visit these platforms and find exactly the right influencers you need to market your products and services. It takes all of the leg-work out of finding influencers yourself. You’ll also have the peace-of-mind in knowing that the platform has already heavily vetted these influencers. No fake followers, fake likes, fake engagement. Just the real stuff. It’s in the platform’s best interest, after all, that you get good results from your campaigns so that you keep coming back for more. Also see how to become an influencer.

For the real influencer, with a real following, these platforms are also a safe-haven and a place to find quality brands to work with. With strict vetting processes, these platforms are killing off the fakesters and you’ll benefit from being one of the trusted and selected few.

Generation Z. The Rise Of TikTok

We couldn’t end without mentioning TikTok and the rise of Generation Z, as they start to become players in the buying-power market. As notes, ‘’Roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34 with 26% between 18 and 24’’.

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, paying attention to the nuances of this particular segment of the market will serve you well.

They love authenticity and community. They hate being sold to.

Generation Z is almost repulsed by the sight of bold and unapologetic advertising. Indeed, even those of the older generations may have become numb to it somewhat.

In this sense, traditional celebrities are set to have far less impact on audience buying decisions.

TikTok encompasses a new trend. A movement where regular people can instantly become the pop star or rap star. Generation Z wants to feel that their idols are just like them. As an influencer or brand, the more real and relatable you can become to your follower/customer – the better you’ll do.

To Conclude. Your Strategy for Influencer Marketing on Social Media In 2020…

You should have noticed the key message from this post by now. The important mindset that you must take with you on your influencer marketing journey into 2020 and beyond.

Authenticity. Realness. Community. Long-term relationships. Connection.

Stick to these core-principles and you’ll do well on social media in 2020 and beyond, we promise you.

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